Software Development Maturity Scan

Creating software is a wonderful profession, especially when everything goes smoothly. In practice it often turns out to be much more complicated than expected. Information technology is intrinsically complex and will always be, so the conditions under which software is created need to be improved and constraints removed, thus raising productivity and quality.

The majority of projects nowadays use agile methodologies like Scrum, Lean or DevOps. Best practices like Continuous Integration are becoming more common. Basically the underlying principles of agile methodologies are the same, as are the conditions to put them into practice, such as a repository, a build server and automatically executed tests. In reality only part of these necessities appear to be implemented, anything but agile.

Report example The Software Development Maturity Scan enables organisations to gain awareness of their software development process and maturity level. This online tool gathers information about aspects such as risk analysis, version control and test automation. It is built around three major development stages, requirements, programming and testing. Some organisational and environmental aspects applicable for all stages are also examined. The results will be reported, including recommendations about aspects eligible for improvement.

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